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How Can Supercomputing Help My Business?

A supercomputer is a high performance computing (HPC) machine designed to work at extremely fast processing speeds. Supercomputers have many applications, including advanced modelling and simulation, performing complex calculations and rendering high definition 3D graphics.

Supercomputing Scotland focuses on advanced modelling and simulation, allowing companies of all sizes to innovate and improve existing products and services.

Advanced modelling and simulation gives companies a competitive edge through efficient product design, increased data analysis and improved manufacturing processes. Benefits include reducing the time, labour and cost needed to bring products to market, while facilitating improved research and development capabilities.

Summary of business advantages of advanced modelling and simulation -

  • Cheaper: lower development costs
  • Quicker: shorter time to market
  • Simpler: new designs can be evaluated without physical models
  • Adaptable: design refinements can be tested
  • Flexible: tests can be repeated with different parameters.

Read success stories of companies in Scotland that are using supercomputing to bring real business benefits.

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