Using Supercomputing to Design Energy Efficient Buildings

Glasgow based Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) is benefitting from a collaboration with supercomputing centre EPCC to design energy efficient buildings.

Commenting on the project being undertaken with EPCC, IES Technical Director Dr Peter Thompson said, "IES is delighted to be working on key technical developments in high performance computing with EPCC. This work is an important part of our plans to ensure that we remain at the forefront of technology and continue to provide world class services in modelling and simulation in relation to energy efficiency of buildings. The structure of the Supercomputing Scotland programme together with support from Scottish Enterprise has meant the feasibility studies undertaken by EPCC could be quickly converted to live projects".

EPCC and Scottish Enterprise Launch £1.2M Supercomputing Scotland Programme

Scottish businesses in the energy, life science and finance sectors are set to benefit from a unique initiative that will enable them to channel Scotland's world-class supercomputing power and expertise.

Scottish Enterprise and EPCC - the supercomputing centre at The University of Edinburgh ­- have joined forces to create Supercomputing Scotland. This 3-year, £1.2 million programme will enable Scottish companies of all sizes to use HECToR, the UK's most powerful supercomputer, to solve key business challenges such as product and service design.

Companies increasingly use modelling and simulation on high performance computers to increase their competitive edge. Through EPCC, Scotland has an outstanding range of advanced computers and technical expertise: Supercomputing Scotland will help Scottish businesses take advantage of this world-class resource on their doorstep.

"Throughout its 21-year history, EPCC has always sought to increase the number of Scottish companies using our supercomputers. The Supercomputing Scotland initiative will help us to do just that. HPC can be a key enabler of economic growth ­ and Scottish companies should share in the benefits," said Dr Mark Parsons, EPCC Executive Director.

Jan Reid, head of Scottish Enterprise's Enabling Technologies team, commented, "Supercomputing Scotland is all about giving Scottish companies access to a tool that can really help drive their product and service innovation, leading to company growth and ultimately boosting the Scottish economy. By harnessing this computer power for modelling and simulation purposes, companies large and small can take advantage of a cost- and time-effective way to develop higher quality end products. In a global market place, we need to ensure our companies can create and maintain a competitive edge - this technology means they can do this and more."

During its three-year lifespan, Supercomputing Scotland aims to provide tailored advice to more than 100 Scottish companies, deliver at least 34 in-depth feasibility reviews, and support over 20 companies to become knowledgeable users of HPC through completing projects leading to tangible business benefits.

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